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Classic Battlestar Galactica Graphic Novel Volume 1 Px Edition

USD $ 14.99

The Classic crew of the Battlestar Galactica is back from Dynamite! Classic Battlestar Galactica #1-5 featured writer Rick Remender, artist Carlos Rafael, and cover artists Dave Dorman (Dorman produced a fully painted piece for each issue!), Carlos Rafael, and Talent Caldwell! Thought dead, left behind by Galactica and stranded on a planet over run by Cylons, Starbuck and Boomer must make a harrowing journey into the heart of a Cylon stronghold in hopes of stealing a ship large enough to carry themselves and the planet's remaining human population back to the Galactica... if they can find it! Includes all five issues of the series, a complete cover gallery and more! 'This has a nice, comfy feel for the fan of the original.' ~Marc Mason, ComicsWaitingRoom.com.